ME 6710 Advanced Heat Transfer I (Conduction)
Spring 2016

Course Description: Fundamental aspects of conductive heat transfer applied to steady state and transient conditions. One-, two-, and three-dimensional conduction problems with exact and approximate solution techniques utilizing the computer are studied. (3 credit).

 Pre-requisites:     ME4310 and ME4320

Instructor:             Dr. Ho Sung Lee
Office:      Room G216, Parkview
:      276-3429

Lecture hours: Thu., 7:00 9:20 PM (Room D0202)
Office hours
: Mon. & Wed. 3:00 PM 4:00 PM (Room G216)

Textbook : Heat Conduction, 4th Ed., by Y. Yener and S. Kakac , Taylor & Francis

Homework                                                                           30%
Midterm (Thu. Mar. 3, 7:00 -9:20 PM)                            30%
Final Exam (Thu. April 28, 7:15 - 9:15 PM)                         40%

1. General heat conduction equation (Ch 1 and 2)
2. One dimensional steady-state heat conduction (Ch.3) 
3. Sturn-Liouville theory, orthogonal functions, and Fourier expansion (Ch.4) 
4. Steady-state heat conduction with separation of variables (Ch.5)

5. Unsteady heat conduction (Ch.6)
6. Solutions with Laplace transforms (Ch.8)