10/1992 - 2/1998
      University of California at Santa Barbara
      Department of Geography
      Specialization: Urban Modeling and Locational Analysis

    2/1998 PhD.
      Dissertation Title: Feasible Solutions to School Location-Allocation Problems: Boundary Adjustment and Site Allocation Models for Alternatives Generation

      Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Richard Church

    9/1981 - 6/1983
      University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
      Department of City and Regional Planning
      Specialization: Land-Use Planning, New Community Development, and Center City Revitalization
      MRP 1983

      Thesis Title: The Home Communications Center and New Towns: Possibilities for Future Development

      Thesis Advisor: Dr. Shirley Weiss
    9/1977 - 6/1981
      University of California at Berkeley Political Economy of Industrial Societies Group Major A.B. with Honors 1981

      Honors Thesis Title: Economic Peripheral Regions in Western Europe: The Case for a Central Planning Authority

      Honors Thesis Advisor: Dr. Peter Hall