Computational Fluid Dynamics II

Instructor: William W. Liou, Ph.D.

Office: 1075 Korhman

Tel.(616) 387-2844


Credit : 3 hrs.

Prerequisites: ME545

Course Description

This course introduces the application of numerical methods to the solution of the fluid dynamics equations.  The various form of the equations of fluid dynamics will be derived and discussed.  The characteristics of the equations will be studied using their one-dimensional analog.  The necessary matrix algebra and eigen-analysis will be reviewed. MOdern flux splitting and upwind differencing will be discussed.   Coordinate transformation and grid generation will be introduced.  FLUENT will be used for project assignments.


Text Book

J.C. Tannehil, D.A. Anderson, and R.H. Pletcher, Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer , 2nd Edition, Taylor & Francis, 1997, ISBN 1-56032-046-X.


J.H. Fereziger, Numerical Methods for Engineering Application.

J.D. Anderson, Jr., Computational Fluid Dynamics: The Basic with Applications, McGraw Hill, Inc., 1995

C.F. Gerald and P.O. Wheatley, Applied Numerical Analysis, Addison-Wesley, 1984.


10% : Homework Assignment

20% : One Test.

20% : Final Exam.

50% :  Computer Assignments