Midterm Review:


What is the difference between “modes” and “genres”?  How are these a consequence of the narrative process?


What elements of classic Hollywood film narrative form are present in The Little Match Girl?  Are the same elements at work in La Jetee?


What makes City of Gold a documentary film?  How does it exemplify the characteristics of "documentary" suggested by Nichols?  Plantinga?


In Nichols's view what are the main points of comparison  between fiction and documentary?


Why is documentary film for Nichols necessarily a form of argument?  Can fiction offer argument in the same way?


What does Belton identify as three of the defining characteristics of melodrama?


What is the difference between drama documentary (Target For Tonight) and documentary drama (Rome, Open City; 13 Rue Madeleine)?  What happens to elements of narrative and documentary form in each case?


How can Target For Tonight include recreated scenes and sequences and still, in Nichols's terms, qualify as a documentary film? 


What are the defining characteristics of "docudrama"?  What makes docudrama a different mode from documentary drama?  From “historical film”?


To what extent does 13 Rue Madeleine fit this definition? Call Northside 777?  JFK?


In what sense(s) can docudrama represent history?  What issues are raised by such claims?