Movie-Made America

Quiz:  Chapts. 12, 13, 14


For one point each, briefly state three (3) of the main concepts, ideas, and/or arguments in each of Chapts. 12, 13 and 14.  You can consult your text and reading notes.  You have ten minutes.


Chapt. 12

1.myth—foster understanding; offers explanation




2.Disney—demonstrates …conservative fantasies




3.Capra—populist?  Or pastoralism?

     --makes politics important on an individual level

     --“little guy” main characters—become “big” people

     --“screwball” view of the world suggests that anything is possible; non-conformity is valued





Chapt. 13

1.dominance of American imports




2. quota systems; quota quickies

adopting Hollywood production values;

governments became very involved in administering film industries



3.exportation of American ideas, values, and myths




Chapt. 14

1.studios; stars; contract system




2.gossip columnists (Hopper; Louella Parsons)




3.the presence of left-wing political thinking and Communist party membership in Hollywood