Midterm 2:  Review


Midterm 2 will cover all material since the first midterm, including:

--readings (Sklar, Chapts. 10-14; Schatz, pp. 135-155 (WB) and 359-380 (MGM)

-- films, lecture and discussion on:  42d Street, Footlight Parade, Swingtime, Meet Me in St. Louis 


Some of the topics, ideas, and issues this section of the course encompasses include:


     --studio style--what defines it?  is there a Hollywood      (vs. German) expressionism? 


     --studio production units--how did the unit production      system influence each of the musicals we've studied?


     --studio genre system--how does it result in the      commodification of style, performance and ideas?


     --musical film style via Warner Bros., RKO and MGM


   -- Zanuck; Thalberg;  Selznick--  Similarities/differences in roles played; impact (if any) on the films they were responsible for?


     --cultural representation (myths) in Disney, Capra, and           the musical


     --Hollywood as a cultural force; the culture of                 Hollywood


     --National Recovery Act (NRA)


     --collective bargaining


     --Hollywood and the war effort