1.  Chaplin's rise to prominence


          a.  1914--Sennett--$150.00/wk.

          b.  1915--Essanay--own writer/director--$1250/wk.

          c.  1916--Mutual---$10,000/wk.

          d.  1917--independent

          e.  1919--co-founded United Artists


2.  keys to Chaplin's success


          a.  audience

                    1.  industrialized

                    2.  urbanized

                    3.  immigrant


          b.  appeals in his films:

                    1.  treatment of the city

                    2.  the Tramp and audience identification

                    3.  comic strategies


          c.  successful combination of both early fascinations

                    (with recording process as well as subject                          recorded)


(see Chaplin's autobiography; books by Wes Gehring, Charles Maland, or Gerald Mast)