Early Industry and Narrative Product


*Narrative product becomes primary due to both the economy of production and audience demand.


3 Reasons why this happened:


1.  Developing technique

          a.  recording/documentary functions (Lumiere)

          b.  image manipulation (Edison; Melies)

          c.  fascinations addressed:

                    1.  with the process of recording

                    2.  with the subject matter recorded


2.  Developing audience

          a.  door-to-door sales

          b.  demand for longer films (Porter; Griffith)

          c.  distribution of rented  (vs. sold) product


3.  Developing profit

          a.  fewer and fewer actualities due to

                    1.  length (short, compared to narratives)

                    2.  expense (high due to location work)

          b.  audience preference for longer narratives

                    1.  more bang for the nickel

                    2.  satisfied both basic fascinations