Hello, He Lied:Discussion Issues


General points:


1.        What does this tell you about horizontal integration in todayís industry?Where are the pressure points?


2.        What does it take to get a film made?


3.        What is the difference between "production" and "development"?


4.        What do we learn here about the producerís role(s) today?


5.        What are the "lessons" Obst intends us to understand from her experiences with the "Hot Zone" project?Bad Girls?Contact?


6.        What is "next" all about?


7.        What is the point of all the game and sports analogies Obst develops?


8.        What are the sources of chaos in the industry?


Some further particulars:


p. 11, re:Guberís comment about producers and scripts ("a producer is as good as the script in his mouth")--compare this to Bachís experience with Cimino


p. 28:what is the moral of the Karen Spiegel /Absolute Power story?


p. 30:note the definitions of:pitch, project, script, show


p. 38:what is "high concept"?what might the pitches have been for Rosewood?Lone Star?



p. 54, etc.:What is the "bullseye"?development hell?Turnaround?


p. 67, etc.:what is power in the industry?why do directors have power?Stars?Why do producers have relatively less?What is "pay or play"?