Today (2/17):  Screen Meet Me in St. Louis

Wednesday (2/19):  Discuss Swingtime, Meet Me, Sklar 12-14, and assigned readings in Schatz (see below)


Monday, 2/24:  Midterm 2

Wednesday, 2/26:  Screen Rome, Open City




Swingtime/Meet Me/MGM/RKO Discussion:


Be sure for this material you’ve read:


Chapter 19, "The High Cost of Quality" from T. Schatz,

The Genius of the System (in the CRC on reserve) and;

the material in Chapt. 15, Movie-Made America ("Hollywood at War ...") in order to discuss Meet Me in St. Louis both as an example of MGM studio product and as a musical.



--key elements of narrative and visual style here?



--value system in the film?



--appeal of film to a war-time audience?



--MGM vs. RKO vs. Warner Bros. style?



--mythic elements of the musical genre in general?