Discussion: El Mariachi and Rebel Without a Crew:


How does El Mariachi offer alternatives to conventional film style?


How does the film use and modify the conventions of the western and contribute to the evolution of the genre?


What are some of the “lessons” in Rodriguez’s book for aspiring independent filmmakers?  For producers?


What were some of the things Rodriguez did to ensure his autonomy as a filmmaker?


What characterizes Rodriguez’s attitude toward Hollywood?  What were some of the things he says he did that reflect that attitude?


What does Rodriguez suggest is the relationship between style and creativity?  What are some of the things he did that support his ideas? 


Why is he so enthusiastic about video?


In light of this, why has Hollywood taken some interest in the Mariachi “school” of filmmaking (see Blair Witch)?


What combination of breaks, connections, etc. was Rodriguez able to make work advantageously?


What “key” images and other elements did he use to construct the idea for Mariachi?


What does he do to make the production happen?


What expenses does the $7500 budget for the film include?


What is instructive about the way Rodriguez did post-production?  The selling of the film?


What was there about Mariachi that Hollywood responded to?


What issues came up related to distributing the original version of the film?