Movie-Made America

Chapts. 15, 16, 17



Chapt. 15—“Hollywood at War”

1.     H’s service to the government during the war

a.    A strategy to fend off interference

b.    Zanuck’s role as liason (head of the Research Council)




2.  kinds of films made during the war?




3.     HUAC—Hollywood vulnerability—influence as a medium medium and as an entertainment; film had no constitutional protection; housecleaning of undesirable elements; Hollywood 10?; Committee for the First Amendment







Chapt. 16—“Disappearing Audience”

1.  why did the audience disappear?  More leisure time options (radio; TV; camping); population shifts—age; family status; where people lived; redefinition of “theater”




2.  Paramount decision—1954 consent decrees—major studios agreed to divest themselves of their theater holdings




3.  kinds of product made as a result?  Less, bigger, more expensive, highly dependent upon wide-screen and color processes—blockbusters the rule of the day




Chapt. 17—“Hollywood’s Collapse”

1.  agents; labor; banks




2.  changing role of the studio—become primarily distributors; more and more production done independently




3.  changes in film content?