COM 3560- FILM PRODUCTION                      Dr. Steve Lipkin

Fall 2008                                                                217 Sprau Tower


                                                                              Office hours:  MT 4-5; TR 1-1:45

(or by appointment)


Assignments, announcements, and the syllabus will be available on WebCT and on the course homepage:

username:  kubrick

password:  camera                                                                                             



Film Production (COM 3560) gives you the opportunity to plan, script, shoot, and edit films in the 16 mm format.  




            1.         To relate an understanding of film technology to film practice.

            2.         To develop film pre-production skills (writing treatments,scripts, and budgets).

            3.         To make a short film demonstrating basic camera techniques and light metering.

            4.         To make short films demonstrating abilities to utilize continuity and discontinuity editing.

            5.         To plan, produce, and assemble for exhibition a seven minute 16 mm film made individually.


TEXT:  Xerox materials (course pack--Copy Desk course pack #WMSP07-147)




Your production work counts for the majority of your grade in the course and will include:


            1.         Written lab exercises                                       5 points each

            2.         Quizzes                                                        10 points each

            3.         Lab films                                                      10-25 points each

            4.         Treatment and script (final film)                     25 points

            5.         Final film                                                     100 points

            6.         Final exam (12/9 12:30-2:30 )                    100 points


Class sessions for this course are such that they cannot be "made up" outside of class time; consequently, your attendance at each class is required.  After one (1) unexcused absence, your final grade in the course will be lowered one letter grade for each subsequent unexcused absence.


Final exams must be taken on the day they are assigned.  I will allow make-up exams only in the most extreme cases of severe illness or a death in the immediate family.  This also applies for "Incomplete" course grades.  Final exam date and time is non-negotiable.





1.         The grading scale for this course (both for individual assignments and for your final grades) is based on the following percentages:


                                94-100        A              70-75          C

                                88- 93      BA              64-69       DC

                                82- 87         B              58-63          D

                                76- 81      CB


2.         I will drop your lowest 10 point quiz grade in computing final grades for the course.


3.         Unannounced quizzes may not be made up.




The course will provide cameras, editors, projectors, and work space.  Your lab fee will provide film stock and processing (up to 5 rolls), and editing materials.  Any film you need beyond the allotment you receive with your lab fee will be your responsibility. 


You will be responsible for any broken or lost equipment.




You will have access to the film lab during Resource Center operating hours.  Shooting equipment can go off premises; editing equipment MUST remain in the film lab.  Everyone will be expected to follow the procedures established for this work space--anyone who abuses the lab will lose the opportunity to use it.