Ten Second Compilation Film:  An Experience in Editing, Splicing, and Diplomacy




     This is a 10 point lab exercise, due:  Wed., 10/15



     This film will consist of any ten, varied one-second shots pulled from our stock of 16 mm scrap footage.  Each of your shots needs to be uncut, unspliced 24 frame sections of exposed film.  The final cut needs at least five cement splices; the rest can be tape.  Your opus also needs two feet of leader at both head and tail (you can use under- or over-exposed scrap film for this).


     You will need to practice and perfect your cement splices to do this assignment.  Give yourself plenty of opportunity to work out your technique. 


     To receive all 10 points for the assignment, your shots must be forwards (heads to tails), right side up, properly wound onto a feed reel for projection, and all of your splices must look clean, sound quiet, and hold together when we screen it.  You also need to demonstrate that you can operate the projector to show your film.  (A word to the wise:  with any edited work, project the film yourself before showing it to the class to avoid losing points for any of the above).