COM 3560


Short Film:  Camera Techniques


Each of you will plan and shoot individually a one-roll (3 minute) 16 mm film.   Style and subject matter will be up to you.  The film's main purpose is to plan and practice basic camera operations, including:  proper exposures for indoor and outdoor available light; smooth, controlled camera movements (pans, tilts and tracking shots); effective camera angle, height, and distance; proper focus; and effective compositional balance.  Planning is important here since you will film each shot in a pre-determined order, editing in camera.


Treatment and script:  Due 9/17


Order film stock 9/22


Schedule shooting between 9/29 and 10/3


Footage DUE for in-class screening 10/13


The assignment is worth 25 points:


     Treatment:  2 pts.

     Script:     3 pts.

     Footage:   20 pts.



(We will go over using cameras and light meters before the shooting stage of this project begins.)