Final Project Stuff


1.  3:00 pm Thursday, June 12:  Turn in two (2) bound copies of your final project script.


     If the 50(+?) pages you hand in do not complete the story, include the balance of the sequence outline at the end of your script to show how it will work out.


     When you turn in your script you will receive some reader comment forms.  If you need additional forms find a xerox machine and make more copies.



2.   As soon as possible after 3:00 pm, a set of scripts will be on two hour reserve under this course at Waldo Library (reserve desk).  Checking these out means checking out the entire set.  Stick close to the reserve room area so that others looking for scripts to read can find you.


     We will confirm email addresses and you will email your script as an attachment to each of the three script readers that I will assign to read your script.



3.  Reader comments are due at the end of class, Tuesday, June 24.  I will collect these from you all at once.  I will not accept them "later" since there is no "later."


     Each of the five reader's reports you write is worth twenty (20) points.  These will lose points if comments are superficial and/or unsubstantiated (e.g. if all you put under a criterion is "liked it" or "wasn't very clear" that isn’t enough—you need to explain what you liked, what wasn't clear and in each case, why).   


4.  The copy of your script that I read, the copy left on reserve at the library, and the reader reports that were filled out on your script will be available to you next semester.  (I will get the box of scripts from Waldo Library sometime in July or August.)  To get this stuff back you can:  try to find me at my office sometime this fall, or give me a self-addressed, sufficiently stamped envelope and I will mail it all to you.