Final Project Treatment



The treatment for your final project is due Thursday, May 15.It needs to be typed, double-spaced, and approximately five pages in length.Turn in clean copy--errors of grammar, spelling and punctuation will lower your grade.


The treatment is worth 25 points.


Treatments written on spec (short for "speculative"--that is, uncommissioned) usually do two things:


†††† First, they offer a rationale.A rationale gives reasons why the idea is worthwhile--why it is unique, how it is different from other, possibly similar works, or what an audience will find valuable or compelling about the idea.


†††† Second, treatments give an idea of what the story will be like by providing a synopsis (a story summary).The synopsis needs to be clear, complete, and at the same time, brief.A treatment needs to give its reader a very good idea of what the completed work will have in it.




Treatment discussion


Read the treatment for Jean-Luc Godardís Vivre sa vie.After you've finished reading it answer the following questions:


1.How is this a synopsis?Identify three things this is doing to summarize the story.


2.What does this treatment emphasize?


3.How does this show three-part structure?Where do the divisions between acts fall?What are the first three scenes? the first three sequences?