COM 3580                                        Steve Lipkin

TV and Film Scripting                           217 Sprau Tower

Su I 2008                                       387-3153

                                                Office Hours:

                                                       MW 2:45-3:45



COM 3580 examines the principles of film and television scriptwriting, and provides an opportunity to write treatments and scripts for a variety of film and television program formats.




1.     To develop writing skills for a variety of media.


2.     To develop an understanding of effective dramatic construction.


3.     To develop dramatic writing skills.


4.     To write treatments and scripts for a variety of broadcast and non-broadcast program formats.


5.     To write a treatment and script for a complete production.


TEXT:  Richard A. Blum, Television and Screen Writing (4th ed.)




In class assignments (5-10 points)

Program treatments and outlines (20 points)

Program scripts (10 to 50 points)

Final script evaluations (5 at 20 points each) - 100 points

Final project (includes 25 points - treatment) - 125 points

Class participation (attendance; contribution to discussion in general;    contribution to final project discussions) - 100 points


Unexcused absences = 15 pts. each subtracted from overall point total.


Attendance and participation in each class meeting is essential.  In-class work each day involves discussion that cannot be "made up."


This is a writing intensive course in accordance with the university's baccalaureate-level writing policy, which means that it places great emphasis on your writing ability, skills, correctness, and attention to detail.  Work written outside of class cannot receive an "A" unless it meets the following conditions:

              a.     it must be typed.

              b.     it must be submitted on or before the due date--late papers will lose 20% for each calendar day they are late.

              c.     it must show technical proficiency.  For every two errors of spelling, punctuation, grammar or sentence structure, the grade of that paper will be reduced by one point.



94 to 100%   A

88 to  93%   BA

82 to  87%   B

76 to  81%   CB

70 to  75%   C

64 to  69%   DC

58 to  63%   D