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Lynn Nations Johnson, Professor
Department of Teaching, Learning,

and Educational Studies
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, Michigan  49008-5192

Phone: 269-760-3669
Fax: 269-387-2882

“Let us develop a kind of dangerous unselfishness.”

Martin Luther King, Jr., "I See the Promised Land"

April 3, 1968


·       Building Communities of Learners in Culturally Diverse Settings

·       Establishment and Development of Urban School/University Partnerships

·       Classroom Discourse

·       Self-Study


Undergraduate Teaching:


·       ED 4070  Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary School


Graduate Teaching (All courses are part of the Masters of Practice in Teaching):


·       ED 6010  Introduction to Research in the Educational Setting

·       ED 6020  School Curriculum

·       ED 6040  Childhood Learning and Development: Theory to Practice

·       ED 6280  Curriculum Theory

·       ED 6360  Classroom Pedagogy: The Art and Science of Teaching

·       ED 6700  Authority and Autonomy in Schooling

·       ED 6790  Capstone

·       ED 7000  Thesis


“Our actions matter and can bend history in the direction of justice.”

Barack Obama, “A Just and Lasting Peace.” Nobel Acceptance Speech,

December 10, 2009