Ropes Lesson Plan

Instructor:             Maria F. Chojnowski

Course Name:          Holistic Approaches to Parenting and Teaching Children:  Empowering the Children

Intended Audience: Parents, guardians and teachers of children of any age

Length of Class:      1 hour and 15 minutes


  • Welcome each parent, guardian or teacher of young children
  • Begin group discussion by introducing all the participants and what motivated them to be in this particular seminar

Explain the format of the seminar: (open floor, respectful discussion about children’s behavior and how to empower them to make the right decision)
Parents will be able to:

  • Help children be more sociable and responsible for their own actions
  • Learn who to encourage positive behavior in their children and learn to correct detrimental ones
  • Help adults create an environment where children are empowered to make their own decisions and how to chose wisely
  • How to develop different strategies and tips to support children’s responsible behavior and attitudes towards others (etiquette)


    • The concept of “Holistic Approaches to Parenting” will be discussed using the techniques and concepts described by Jo Frost “the Supernanny” (
    • The steps to demonstrate how to empower children to make the best choices on each situation would be analyzed in a group discussion. Topics such as “hitting or biting another child or adult,” “the bully child”, will be mentioned, defined and given an example of a situation where such topic applies (case study)
    • The parents then have the chance to openly discuss their own coping methods, insights and findings, what has worked for them or not
    • Draw conclusions on the many ways one can approach the situations discussed


  • Divide the participants into no more than four people per group. 
  • Each group will be given one topic form the following list
    • Temper Tantrums
    • Bed wetting
    • Sleeping disorders
    • Toilet training
    • Sibling rivalry
    • Eating problems
  • The group will brainstorm as many ways to deal with the topic given. And then, give a report to the class on their findings.  Discussions are encouraged in order to develop more ways.



  • After each topic is described by the small group, the floor is open to further discussion therefore developing more ways to deal with the issues.



Frost, J (2006) “Ask the Suppernanny:  What every parent wants to know. “  Hyperion: New York.

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