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Our goal is to provide basic knowledge and information pertaining to live performances/PA systems as well as studio audio. If you are interested in any of this, EAR will provide you with stimulating information regarding existing systems, parts, layouts, studios, and how to access more information.

On the “What’s Everybody Else Up To?” page you can find bands who work both in the studio and live settings and what they are up to!

If my information is exhilarating, enlightening, amusing, mediocre, bordering on sacrilege, or just plain garbage, please make use of the “Contact” page to praise/berate me. I welcome feedback from valuable learners!

Please enjoy and make use of the EAR at your leisure, and be sure to join our forum (message board) coming very soon! Communicate with your pals about audio! Share ideas! Remember to post NSFW on material that isn’t safe to open at work! Above all, proliferate great ideas and generate new ones based on the knowledge you bring and that you find here at the Essential Audio Reference.




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