How to Stay on Course in Calculus I Math 1220
Instructor Professor Niloufer Mackey (nil.mackey AT wmich DOT edu) Home
Office 6618 Everett; Phone (269) 387-4594.

Please take the advice given below seriously.

  1. Do not skip class. Should you miss class, get notes from a reliable friend in the class.

  2. Be ready for each class! Use the time right before class to review material covered in the previous class.

  3. Take good notes in class. Make a note of all problems that were discussed in class, and master them.

  4. Watching your professor solve a problem is very, very different from being able to solve it yourself (especially on an exam). There is no substitute for practice. Work on the homework exercises regularly. Maintain a separate notebook of solutions.

  5. Make regular use of the free tutor lab.

  6. Writing is important. Your solutions must contain complete sentences and reasoning, whether the problem asks for this explicitly or not. Writing sentences forces you to organize your ideas.

  7. Writing clearly and precisely takes effort. How do you learn this skill? READ THE TEXT and imitate. REREAD what you have written with a critical eye.

  8. A mathematics book is to be read with pencil and paper in hand. Reading technical material is difficult. Expect to re-read; use the index; make your own notes. There will inevitably be places on every page where you have to stop, think, and fill in the details. Over the course of the semester you will learn to read better, it usually takes time. Start by setting modest, achievable goals (i.e., read half a section and do a few related problems).

  9. Read material before it is presented in class. The fast-paced college-style lecture will then make more sense to you.

  10. Come to office hours! No appointment is necessary to see me during my scheduled office hours. Don't put off getting your questions answered.

  11. Make regular use of the recommended supplemental resources..

  12. Talk to each other about mathematics. Discuss your ideas and your problems. Form study groups.

  13. Always bring the text book to class.

  14. You cannot expect to learn everything in the classroom. You must be willing to put in two to three hours outside the classroom for each hour of class.

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