Spring 2016 Honors Calculus II Math 1230


Professor Niloufer Mackey (nil.mackey AT wmich DOT edu)



6618 Everett; Phone (269) 387-4594.

Office Hours

MW: 3:30 - 4:30 p.m.   TR: 1 - 2 p.m.     You may also see me by appointment. However, right before class is definitely not a good time to see me.

Class Time

MTRF 12 - 12:50pm, Brown 2037. Please turn beepers and cell phones off during class. Regular attendance is required.


Math 1220 or Math 1700 with a grade of C or better.


Thomas' Calculus: Early Transcendentals by Thomas, Weir, Hass. 13th Edition. Addison Wesley. Please bring this text with you to every class.

The accompanying Student Solutions Manual is strongly recommended.

Math Tutor Lab

Free help available in Rood 3378. Check http://www.wmich.edu/math/computer-tutor-labs.

Other Resources

Student Solutions Manual contains solutions to the odd-numbered problems. If the bookstore does not have it, look for it on-line.
Schaum's Outlines Series: 3000 solved problems in Calculus.   Low-priced, with oodles of solved practise problems, used by generations of calculus students. Look for it on-line. You can access an electronic copy at no cost through Waldo Library.
Another low-priced resource is How to Ace Calculus: A Streetwise Guide by Adams, Hass and Thompson. Summarizes the important ideas, gives frank advice with generous helpings of humor.
Finally, a no-cost resource is Calculus  by Gilbert Strang, available on-line through the MIT Open Courseware project.

*Course Policies, Class Handout

*How to Stay on Course


*Surface Area of the Frustrum of a Right Circular Cone 

*Substitution method or Integration by Parts? 

*Basic Skills Test:

*What Can I Do With a Math Degree?

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