Seminar Schedule Spring 2006

BIOS 6050: Biological Science Colloquium

Department of Biological Sciences

Room 1718 Wood Hall, Fridays at 3:30 – 4:30 pm

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January 13

None – meet with students


January 19*

MLK speaker


10-11 am

1710 Wood Hall

Dr Alfonso Alonso,

Director for Conservation and

Development, Smithsonian

Institution, Washington DC.

(host: Steve Malcolm)

Opportunities and Challenges for

Science-Based Conservation in

Gabon, Central Africa

January 27

Dr Ramasamy M. Mannan,

Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer

Animal Health, Kalamazoo, Michigan.

(host: Rob Eversole)

Structural and Functional

Characterization of a Vaccine


February 3

Dr Joelle Gehring,

Department of Biology, Central

Michigan University, Mount

Pleasant, Michigan.

(host: Maarten Vonhof)

Avian Collisions with

Communication Towers:

Addressing a Long-term

Conservation Issue

February 10

Professor Donald Cronkite,

Biology Department, Hope College,

Holland, Michigan.

(host: David Rudge)

The Role of the Zany in

Teaching: Taking "Community of

Learners" Literally

February 17

Dr Michael Sharer,

Director, Technology Transfer &

Licensing Commercialization,

Western Michigan University.

(host: Steve Malcolm)

Technology Transfer, Innovation

and the Modern Academy: How

the Strategic Use of Intellectual

Property Rights can Benefit Your

Research Programs

February 24

Spirit day

No seminar

March 10

Dr Vivien Pybus,

Dept. Biology, Kalamazoo College,

Kalamazoo, Michigan

(host: Silvia Rossbach)

Microbial Interactions and the Pathogenesis of Bacterial Vaginosis

March 17

Professor Mark Hunter,

Dept. Ecology & Evolutionary

Biology, University of Michigan.

(host: Steve Malcolm)

Linking the Population

Dynamics of Insects with

Ecosystem Processes:

Concepts and Data

March 24

Professor Jeremy McNeil,

Dept. Biological Sciences,

University of Western Ontario,

London, Ontario.

(host: Steve Malcolm)

The Reproductive Biology of

Moths that Migrate in Response

to Habitat Change

March 31

Professor Walter Doerfler,

Institute for Genetics, University

of Cologne, Germany.

(host: Karim Essani)

On the Consequences of Foreign

DNA Insertion into Mammalian


April 7

Dr Mohammed Akaaboune,
Dept. Molecular, Cellular &
Developmental Biology, University
of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
(host: John Jellies)

Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Dynamics at the Neuromuscular Junction of Living Animals

April 14

Professor Mike Thomashow,

MSU-DOE Plant Research Lab,

Michigan State University, East

Lansing, Michigan.

(host: Silvia Rossbach)

Gene Regulons and regulatory Pathways Involved in Plant Cold Acclimation

April 21

Dr Zvi Kelman,

University of Maryland

Biotechnology Institute, Rockville,


(host: Karim Essani)

Unwinding the Function of Helicases