BIOS 1050: Environmental Biology

Lee Honors College.

Dr Stephen Malcolm


Course Objective and Outcomes:


Course Objective:

To appreciate how the science of ecology is used to describe the distributions and abundances of organisms with an emphasis on Homo sapiens and our biological environment at different scales of time and space.


Expected Outcomes:

You should be able to,

(1)   Demonstrate knowledge of ecological processes and examples.

(2) Comprehend basic theories about how organisms interact.

(3) Apply ecological principles to biological problems.

(4) Use simple ecological models in the analysis of biological problems.

(5) Synthesize and evaluate environmental issues from an ecological perspective.

(6) Understand the nature of unperturbed ecologies.

(7) Appreciate the biological dynamics of human impact on the environment.

(8) Integrate a range of biological impacts that environments have on humans.

(9) Apply your learning to the discussion and communication of environmental biology from an ecological perspective.