Ecology BIOS 3010

Fall 2016, Dr S. Malcolm

Bonus Opportunities





Bonus 1

Term Paper topic

Instructions pdf.

Bonus 2

Attend any, or all of the following Departmental seminars at 3:30 pm, on Fridays in room 1710 Wood Hall:

1.    Dr Darren Proppe, Calvin College, "The sound of conservation: singbirds, behavior, and anthropogenic noise" 30 September.

2. Dr Bill Bowerman, University of Maryland, “Words of encouragement: How a single meeting with a Professor launched a 32 year flight with eagles”
7 October, 2:30 pm, alumni achievement lecture.

3.    Dr Kathryn Docherty, Western Michigan University, “Microbial responses to anthropogenic change: implications of altered biodiversity and function”
14 October.



Write a summary of the lecture (up to one page) and submit to Dr Malcolm by email.

Bonus 3

Read Roger Lewin article: Lewin, R. 1983. Santa Rosalia was a goat. Science 221: 636-639.

Instructions pdf.

Article pdf.

Bonus 4

Read Roger Lewin article: Lewin, R. 1983. Predators and hurricanes change ecology. Science 221: 737-740.

Instructions pdf.

Article pdf.