Take-home final exam – please hand in your answer by April 24, 2006 at 4:45 pm.


For a total of 100 points, your answer is to be based on lectures, student paper presentations, Harborne's textbook and relevant literature.


Please word process your answer and hand it in with all source citations.  Please illustrate your answer with examples and aim to integrate information that we have discussed in class, rather than target single lectures or presentations for answers.


Question (100 points):


Why does the course text on "Ecological Biochemistry" 4th edition by J.B. Harborne (1993) emphasize "coevolution" so strongly?


What does Harborne mean by "coevolution?"  Where did this emphasis start and is it justified?


Suggested starting bibliography:

Ehrlich, P.R., and P.H. Raven. 1964.  Butterflies and plants: a study in coevolution. Evolution 18: 586-608.

Janzen, D.H. 1980. When is it coevolution. Evolution 34(3): 611-612.

Berenbaum, M. 1983.  Coumarins and caterpillars: a case for coevolution. Evolution 37: 163-179.