MID-TERM EXAM – 15 February 2006



Take-home exam – please hand in your answers on 22 February 2006.


For a total of 100 points, answers are to be based on lectures, student paper presentations, Harborne's text book and web sources.  You can also supplement with information from primary literature sources.


Please word process your answers and hand them in with all source citations aiming at a minimum of 1 page of single-spaced text per question.  Please illustrate answers with examples and aim to integrate information that we have discussed in class, rather than target single lectures or presentations for answers.



Question 1 (20 points):


(a)   Who is the current president of the International Society of Chemical Ecology and what is his or her research interest?

(b)  Who are the directors of the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology and what are their fields of interest?

(c)   Who edits the Journal of Chemical Ecology and what is their research emphasis?

(d)  Who edits the journal Chemoecology and what is their research emphasis?

(e)   What is the IGERT-funded graduate program in Aquatic Chemical Signaling at the Georgia Institute of Technology and what is its research focus?


Question 2 (20 points):


Summarize Whittaker and Feeny's (1970) classification of allelochemical interactions and explain where "synomones" fit in.


Question 3 (20 points):


What sensory modalities do chemicals target in interactions among organisms?


Question 4 (20 points):


Can the same chemicals have multiple functions in interactions among organisms?


Question 5 (20 points):


What is allelopathy in plants and is there a problem with its experimental determination?