BIOS 5970 Chemical Ecology

Student Research Projects

Spring 2006


Interactions among 3 trophic levels: milkweeds, specialist herbivores and natural enemies


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Asclepias curassavica    Aphis nerii       Oncopeltus fasciatus    Coccinellid (Cycloneda sanguinea)


Group & Names

Research Project

Group 1:  Ty Shoenborn, Kelly Kovl and  Drew Hillbrandt.

Effects of aphid parasitism on plant defense expression: milkweed cardenolides, Aphis nerii and braconid parasitoids.

Group 2: Jill Jelenek, Joshua Tuinstra, Cajsa Knauff, and Beth Whately

Influence of milkweed species and herbivore life history on cardenolide sequestration in the large milkweed bug, Oncopeltus fasciatus.

Group 3:  Julia Kimball, Bill Jefferson and Nell Wallace

Effects of aphid herbivory on milkweed fitness and chemical defense.

Group 4:  Ezra Piller, Neil Kenaga and Adam Skowronski.


Host plant-mediated influence on coccinellid functional responses to aphid density: the impact of milkweed cardenolides on sequestered defense of Aphis nerii.