BIOS 5970 Plant-Herbivore Interactions


Course Objective and Learning Outcomes:



To appreciate how plants and herbivores interact and influence their distributions and abundances through deductive research on the dynamics of interactions at different scales of time and space: from individuals and populations to communities and ecosystems.


Expected Learning Outcomes:

You should be able to,

(1)  Demonstrate knowledge of ecological processes and examples.

(2)  Comprehend and communicate theories about how plants and herbivores interact.

(3)  Apply these theories to questions about interactions between plants and herbivores.

(4)  Use ecological models in the analysis of these interactions.

(5)  Synthesize and evaluate plant-herbivore interactions from an ecological perspective.

(6)  Appreciate interdisciplinary synergism (how methods from one discipline can help another discipline to ask and develop new questions).


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