Plant-herbivore Interactions BIOS 5970

Spring 2016, Dr S. Malcolm

Bonus Opportunities





Bonus 1

Attend either of the following Departmental seminars at 3:30-4:30 pm, on Fridays:

1.    Dr. Renee Duckworth,
University of Arizona, Integrating across scales to understand ecological and evolutionary dynamics.

1 April, in 1910 Sangren Hall.

2.    Dr. Jared Ali,
Michigan State University, Chemical ecology of plant defense and multi-trophic Interactions above and below ground.

15 April, in 1710 Wood Hall.


Write a summary of the lecture (up to one page) and submit to Dr Malcolm by email.

Bonus 2

Herbivory modeling bonus

Instructions pdf.

Bonus 3

There will also be a 3rd bonus opportunity with the final