In Marketing, you learn how to create and sell new products and services that will build a large and group of customers they can maintain. It is a very broad career. Marketing involves sales and promotions and pricing, packaging, product development and distribution. Basically it is creating a product and getting it out in stores. There is a wide variety of jobs that you can go into with a marketing major. In this you find out what makes people buy the different items sold in stores. Marketing is also in its own department. They gather data in ways to promote products efficiently for them to sell. A major part is collecting marketing information and identifying marketing trends in competition and throughout time. Skills that are useful are analytical skills, people skills, creative skills, communication skills and sales skills. A must is that you have to be good with data because marketers are always working with it. They collect, interpret, and analyze data so they can figure out trends and sales of products. Marketers usually work with a team or a specialist. There are student organizations that you can join which are American Marketing Association, Food Marketing and the Sales and Business Marketing Association. The parts that I find interesting is using data to figure out how well a product will do and also the different trends that are and will be happening. I also like the creative part of figuring out how to sell and promote a product. Related careers to marketing is Advertising and Promotion, Compensation and Benefits Manager, Financial Analyst, Risk Management Manager, and a Public Relations Specialist. The one that interests me most is the Financial Analyst because it still has to do with data and graphs, which is what catches my attention. Companies I would enjoy working for would be Showroom Logic, Ad Karma, and Revi Media. These companies are having large growth increases overtime and also have a high revenue.