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Dr. McCarty lives in Portage, Michigan with his wife Alma. They have been married more than 30years. They have five children and 13 grandchildren.

Chris Putti works at WMU in the refrigeration/chiller area and teaches heating and air conditioning at KVCC. He and his wife Sherri live in Kalamazoo with Alyssa, Summer, Domenic, and Anna.

Laura Daly operate an E-Nopi tutoring franchise in northern Virginia where she lives with husband Bob and sons Justin and Jake.

David Putti is a designer of computer chips for Freescale. He lives in Novi with wife Judy and children Amanda, Emma and Alex.

Dianne Bonnici works in Carmel, Indiana. Husband Bryan works at Pitney Bowes Their children are Clair and Sophie.

Cari McCarty Webb is a research psychologist in the Seattle Children’s Hospital.  She lives in Seattle with her husband Jim and daughters Iris and Isabelle.

Here is a picture from a family gathering.



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