Music is very important to me , without it I dont know what I would do. I listen to it everyday and I like mostly Pop,R&B, Rap and Hip Hop. The genre I listen to the most is Rap. Many people don't  like rap because they think that all rappers do is curse, talk badly about women, and speak about doing druga and drinking alcohol. Some of the lyrics that artists make are unbelieveable, they can relate to exactly what your going through, and thats what I love about music. Like me, many young people listen to music. In fact the age groups most affected by music is adolescents. They use music for self-socialization. In other words adolescents see their problems reflected in music and sometimes even solve their problems because of the music they listen to (Schwartz & Fouts, 2003). I can relate myself to this, and can see how I focus more on different genres depending on my mood.


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