Collegiate Objective

As the world continues to develop, become more efficient and the labor force becomes more specialized, one can be left asking “Where do I fit in?”. Although I often become afraid looking at the world around me and seeing how quickly everything changes, I always do my best to apply myself in adverse situations.

My ultimate goal as a college student is to develop the skill of versatility; by developing academic experience in the principles of many subject matters, I hope to become as well rounded as is possible. By experiencing many ways of thought and understanding many of the basic tenants of modern day science, philosophy and business, I can get to a mind state where I am capable of adapting to any situation.

My ultimate hope in college is to become the person who not only accepts change, but embraces it. Through my learning experience in college, I will become a versatile and critical worker, in order to forge a place for myself in the modern day working world.