Collegiate Objective masthead
On a personal level I have come to college to better myself and my proffessional skills. It is a chance for me to take my next step in life and move on by myself a little bit more, becoming a little bit more independent each day. It has taught me responsibility, and independence. It also has helped my social aspect of life, by getting away from the same world I have always known at home, and starting a whole new life with new people.

On a proffessional level I have come to Western because it is very well known for business, and now offers the Entrepreneur major. This is what I have wanted to do my entire life, own my own business. Hopefully i will be able to maintain a high GPA like always, and also participate in many extracurricular events and activities. Hopefully I am able to start a business and work my way up to a huge chain or corporation right away. I hope Western can take me to where I want to be in life.