SCI 4040 Teaching of Secondary Science (3 hrs.)

"This course addresses the topics of teaching and learning of science at the secondary level. It is designed for those in secondary education who intend to be certified to teach the earth, life, or physical sciences (physics and chemistry) and focuses on the issue of how students learn science concepts and problem- solving skills in meaningful ways. The course develops models of effective instructional strategies designed to promote student learning and understanding of science concepts and processes. Practical methods for demonstrating, using models, planning laboratory experiences, managing science equipment, and safety concerns are developed and discussed. Students also work in discipline-specific groups to address issues unique to that area of science and the science classroom. Prerequisites: 15 hours of science in a certifiable science discipline and ED 302 which may be taken concurrently with this course. Cross listed with BIOS 404, CHEM 404, GEOL 404, and PHYS 404."

Current Syllabus SCI 4040

Safety Survey

ED 303 Organization and Management in Education (3 hrs.)

Students will study the organizational and management challenges that secondary teachers face. Students will engage in a critical examination of current school and classroom organization and management models, methods, and strategies in middle and high schools. Prerequisites: ED 300, ED 301, and ED 302.

Current Syllabus ED 303

ED 401- Teaching Elementary School Science
Designed to introduce students to a sampling of the elementary school science program. Emphasis will be given to the exploration of science programs, techniques, philosophies, and teaching strategies that are currently being used in the elementary school science classroom. May be taken concurrently with ED 402. Prerequisite: ED 309 or ED 310 and all science courses.

Current Syllabus ED 401

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