As we all know time flies and with that being said the future is now, making me ponder the question of what are my future intentions? I know that nothing is set and stone for me at the time being anyways, but I intend to pursue a degree in business advertising and psychology.

Next, away from academics I much like many others have a long bucket list that has yet to be touched. At the top of the list you will find the words “Be the change you want to see in the world.” This isn’t just a vague goal, it is actually quite specific. What comes to mind when the topic Invisible Children arises? Obviously I am not talking about children that are literally invisible, but about the ongoing tragedies that are occurring across Central Africa. U.S. House Representative of the 53rd district, Susan Davis preached, “No child should ever have to live in fear of being abducted or killed.” Since my freshman year in high school I have showed empathy towards countries that are still to this day being terrorized by Joseph Kony and his army of invisible children. I feel that no one regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, etc. should have to endure the terrors that these African children are experiencing. This is why I have made put this item at the top of my bucket list. To help end the ongoing war that many are unaware of in Africa. According to Jason Russell, co-founder of Invisible Children, “We are not just studying human history, we are shaping it.” It all began roughly twenty-four years ago, in the small country of Uganda. A man going by the name of Joseph Kony led a rebel group called the Lord’s Resistance Army or for short LRA. The LRA’s main objective at first was to overthrow the Ugandan Government. Unfortunately they were losing support for the cause, and soon veered down a different path. A path of destruction, they began by terrorizing one village at a time violently mutilating anyone who would cross their corridors, while abducting any child in sight to empower his militia. These children being abducted get brainwashed and exposed to traumatic situations and experiences that no child should ever have to face. With the constant perils of being killed at any time, the children obey all orders no matter how cruel. Many forcefully kill their own families in exchange for their own lives; females become sex slaves regardless of age. Terrifying isn’t it? I know coming from a single individual, it does not sound very promising, but I along with the founders and supporters of The Invisible Children movement would agree that every individual can make an impact, we the people are the pilots of our own destiny. . This is not just a story, this is reality, and real children are still suffering as we speak. Hundreds of thousands of people all across the globe are coming together for a similar cause, these people will be the ones to make a change in this world. This is our generation, inform others of Amnesty International, donate to the cause, and plain and simple just take action. Please let us come together and assist in putting a permanent end to the LRA atrocities. “On issues of social justice the people lead and the leaders follow. It is time for our generation to lead” said Ben Keesey, CEO Invisible Children.

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