Collegiate Objective
Being a first generation college student comes with great responsibilities. Yet those responsibilities have really motivated me to do my best in everything I am assigned. I am a double major in Marketing and Spanish. Day by day I continue to pursue my dream in graduating from Western Michigan University with my Masters Degree. My first year here in Western Michigan University will be one to remember since it really challenged me in my time management skills and being responsible overall. These skills are a great asset to have for the rest of my life.
My goal for my majors is to find a way to connect both. I want to be able to take advantage of my bilingual skills and also show how much passion I have in everything I do. Another goal is to graduate with a 3.5 GPA or higher and also become a member of the Honors College.

Before coming to college, everyone told me to get involved so I could enjoy my college experience. Within my first year I became involved with different organizations including MODA, Latino Student Alliance, and Bronco Bellas. Joining these organizations has really kept me busy but it has definitely helped me by meeting new people and creating those important connections that I could benefit form in the future.
Overall my college experience has had its positives and negative sides but I am a strong believer that nothing worth having  is easily obtainable and if it's easy it's not worth it.