PSCI 4220 – Civil Liberties/Rights
  Spring 2009
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Bill of Rights

Overview and Objectives of PSCI 4220 – Civil Liberties/Rights
This course focuses on the development of constitutional interpretation of certain types of civil liberties by the U.S. Supreme Court from both a legal and nonlegal perspective.  We will utilize a case book approach commonly used in a constitutional law/civil liberties class in law school, although we will make use of additional readings as well.  In addition to learning about civil liberties in general and whether or not the judiciary protects them, this approach is designed to expose students to judicial cases so they can understand the legal analyses employed within particular contexts by the Supreme Court.

Course Syllabus:

Note: The Course Syllabus contains all details on class procedure, policies, assignments, requirements, exams and grading, along with links to important sites for this class. It is imperative that the student know and understand all that is contained in the Syllabus.

Important Dates:
Exam #1: Thursday, February 5 (during class)
Exam #2: Thursday, March 12 (during class)
Exam #3:  Tuesday, April 21, 8-10am (during finals week)

Classes Canceled:
January 8 – Professor attending Southern Political Science Association Conference
March 2-6  – Spring Break

Announcements and Updates:

March 17, 2009
Note that there are amendments to the required readings in the Syllabus. The Syllabus linked above contains these changes, as does the handout in class that is linked here.

March 9, 2009

Exam #2 takes place on Thursday, March 12 (during class).  The review sheet is posted below.

February 3, 2009
Exam #1 takes place on Thursday, February 5 (during class).  The review sheet is posted below.

January 15, 2009
Case brief assignments have been made and have been sent to students' email accounts.  The password for library course reserve materials also has been sent to students' email accounts.

January 6, 2009
First day of class for spring 2009 semester.
Hope you had a break.
Review Sheets for Exams:

   Review Sheet for Exam #1
   Review Sheet for Exam #2
   Review Sheet for Exam #3

Useful Links :
Contains a number of links related to the subject matter of this course.

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