Obesity in America


Name: Matt Candela


P.E classes should be required for students in elementary, middle, and high school to avoid the effects of obesity

Nobody likes to be called fat, but what would happen if everyone was fat? Well did you know that 36% of all males in the United States. Obesity is a fast moving plague spreading quickly through the United States, and if you don’t act now, you may be that next percentage point.

Cutting of physical activity and long term effects of physical activity are a couple ways that could change people views on obesity. It would be in your best interest to listen on this topic because I will be listing crippling facts that are having a negative outcome on our youth, but I will follow up with healthy ways. I will begin by telling you why budget cuts have played a factor in childhood obesity.

As P.E classes fade away, the level of healthiness for kids begin to drop. Due to the budget cuts in schools, P.E classes are being offered less. 95% of kids age 12 years old were physically fit, but only 23% of 17 year olds were considered physically fit. Not only is it happening in elementary, but it also is happening in high school. Physical education and general activities during school time decreased by 14 minutes (this includes recess and gym class) from 1991-2003. On top of that, only 28% of high school students get the suggested daily amounts of physical exercise.

Next I will be talking about long term effects of physical education. If kids were to have P.E classes, then they would have many positive long term effects later on in life. Kids (grade 1-6) who were professionally taught for 5 hours a day showed great long term effects. The 25 year follow up showed a more favorable impression of physical education, a more positive attitude toward physical activity and engaged in it too. Study shows that kids can benefit the most from regular daily exercise. Children who exercise daily are more than likely to continue this trend into adulthood.

As you can see, cutting P.E class does the children throughout school no good. This is why P.E should be required for children from elementary – high school. You should believe this because of P.E has a long term effect on you and as classes are cut childhood obesity is rising. As for now, we can only fight our local schools to keep P.E from being potentially cut. These are the children of the future, and if we want to guide them to a bright and long future then we also need to keep them healthy, and not strangle their P.E classes.





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The main point that this article offers is that children growing up are significantly becoming less and less healthy. This article covers the topic of childhood obesity. Robert K. Ross stresses that physical education is important as reading and writing. After reading this article it has strength my belief that childhood obesity is a major problem.


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The main points that are expressed through this quote is that only 28% of high school students in California were considered healthy. This quote fits in my paper because it supports the fact that only a small portion of teenagers and kids are considered healthy. Yes this was a helpful source because it proves and supports my claim.


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The main point of this quote is to show the positive effects of daily exercise and how it can help the body. Also it shows that professional training helps the cause too. I would have to say that this was one of my best sources because it shows the positive outcomes of exercise and it supports my paper. This quote has also changed my view on the topic in a positive way because with professional help, you too can change your life around and get on the right track to avoid obesity.