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Scheduling a visit:

If you would like to schedule a visit, call Western Michigan Universityís School of Music office at† (269) 387-4667 for a tour of the School of Music.

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Driving Directions:

For driving directions, click on the link below for Mapquest.† Type in your address and follow their directions.†




Park in the large parking structure.† Dalton Center is located to the left of the large fountain.

Click here for a map of WMUís Campus.

If you have any questions, please contact† Dr. Michael Miller by phone or email.

The oboe studio of Dr. Michael Miller is located at Western Michigan Universityís Dalton Center in Kalamazoo, MI.† Dr. Millerís room number is 1414.


To contact us:

Phone: (269) 387-4696

The Oboe Studio of Dr. Michael Miller

Call or email Dr. Michael Miller at the information provided below.

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Look up the WMU Oboe Studio Facebook Group @

Western Michigan University Oboe Studio