Going into college I was not sure what major to choose or what to do with my life. At first I was going to be an engineer; however, after switching to the business college I am sold. I know that I want to do something business related although I am not exactly sure which major is right for me yet. So far I have a couple options, one of which is finance. Finance is a great profession because it is a broad one. There are many different carrer options in the finance field. Whether you are a financial planner or a financial manager for a large corporation, you are learning skills that not only help you in the work place; but help you manage your own money and life. Also, finance is one of the highest paying career choices at the moment with average salaries sometimes exceeding $80,000 (Institute of Management and Administration, 2003).
Another career path I am considering pursuing is Supply Chain Management. Coming into college I didn't know a lot about this profession but after seeing my older cousines who are very successful, I was inspired to findout more. Two of my cousins graduated from Western with degrees in Supply Chain Management. Purchasing and manufacturing both interest me and are both key in Supply Chain. Supply Chain is also a high paying career with a promising average salary of $62,999 (Allen, 200).