I am interested of an array of things that are very diverse. I am very into all types of sports, I played Varsity Hockey in high school, the University of Detroit Jesuit, for four years, while captaining the team my junior and senior seasons. I also played baseball growing up, before injuries took over after my sophomore year on the Junior Varsity team. I elected to play golf junior and senior year, and captained the team my senior season. Golf is what I have become most passionate about, considering it is a game I can play the rest of my life with family, friends, and co-workers. I enjoy fishing as well, and have recently tried snowboarding. I am also boarderline obsessed with fantasy football, and enjoy facing off against my friends every week. I love to bowl, even though I struggle sometimes. Trivia games also interest me beyond belief. What I am most passionate about is the city of Detroit. I love learning about the city, and more importantly, I love the sports teams that represent what I call my hometown. Particularly the Detroit Tigers, and the beloved, Detroit Red Wings.