Western Michigan University offers a wide range of programs, clubs, and opportunities for it's students.  Upon researching the libraries of WMU's website, I have discovered a treasure trove of information both regarding my major, and regarding future opportunities for enrichment during my ttime here at WMU.

As a business major, I chose to focus my attetion on the needs of others, and how to make others happy.  By getting ino he habit of this, I genuinely feel that I will be a better business woman when my time comes to take that role.  Thinking of people other than yourself is not only humbling, but also very useful as a future skill. 

While browsing Wesern Michigan Universitiy's "Diversity and Culture" page within the "Student Life" section, I found multiple ways that Western makes everyone feel included.  With programs for those who are disabled, practicing a religion, are homosexual, and multicultural. These programs offer a hand to some people who may have been judged harshly by who they are and the decisions they make in life, and say that being different is good! These groups, programs, and organizations are a fantasic way of teaching acceptance, and creating a truly "judgement-free" campus for everone. 

Another opportunity provided to students by Western is an amazing counseling program.  Students struggling emotionally with stress, family troubles, or anything else may go and talk with someone who can better understand what they are struggling with.  I found this information on the "Student Life" section of WMU's website, on a page called "Health and Counseling".

It is comforting knowing that my school is willing to go above and beyond to make my learning experience and enlightened and happy one. 

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