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Introduction Into Backpacking

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There are three main types of backpacking. You have traditional (boy scots), light back packing, and then there is ultralight backpacking. Traditional or boy scot backpacking is what a lot of people are acustomed to. In this type the person carries everything they would posible need in any sanario; they would bring pot and pans with plenty of food and not care about how much wieght in on their backs. Next is light backpacking this is in a range of 12 to 20 pounds for the pack wieght. This area is a way for backpackers to cut wieght get better gear that wieghs less and does more. With a lighter pack it is easier to travle further but the person still has room for just in case iteams. The final are of backpacking is ultra light backpacking. In this area the pack weighs less then 12 pounds. This takes a lot of knowlege and practice to be safe. With such a small weight one can travle great distances with a lot less effort, but with less wieght one is reling on the select few things they have in there pack to survive.


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the lunar duo by six moon desigens is a ultra light two person tent. This tent is a A fram varation that uses 2 poles to stand and is not a free standing tent that means that it can not be picked up and moved around after it is set up.
Image result for thermarest xtherm the Thermarest extherm is a ultralight wieght all season sleeping pad that is rated for -30 degrees farenhite. The sleeping pad is used to keep convection and cunduction from the body and the ground from happening.
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The prdojy sleeping bag is a 20 degree sleeping quilt. A quilt is like a sleeping bag but instead of a traditional tube that you slide into you have no back so its more like a blancket while still having options to attach the back to gether to make a make shift sleeping bag.
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The cuirct is a 40 liter pack with no frills on it. It has no pockets other then a large mess pocket on the out side and then the large interier on the inside to fit all all your stuff easly.
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To cook my food I made a fancy feast stove. This stove uses a fancy feast cat food can and modifies it so that you can add fuel and cook over it.


The FirstBackpacking Trip I Went On
my first backpacking trip was a 25 mile loop in the manisstie national forest. The trip took 3 days and included waterfalls stare gazing and some of the most beutiful sights ever


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