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Intro to climbing

There are 3 types of rock climbing. All three have very unique distinctions and have different types of styles.
Image result for bouldering Bouldering is a very powerfull type of climbing that never reaches more then about 15 feet off the ground. This is because the climbers do not use ropes. It is just the climber and the wall
Image result for lead climbing Lead climbing is a very endurence driven type. the climber clips into different spots along the way so that they can go very high. In this climbing the climber is holding the rope and clips into points and keeps going up to the next clip in point.
Image result for top rope climbing Top rope climbing is what most people who are starting out do. This is where the rope is already set up and all the climber has to do is to climb to the top of the wall.


Types of Holds
Jugs are the eassiest to hold. These are great holds for beginers and for really challenging moves.
Slopers are semi flat holds that requier a lot of finger strangth to hold on to. They are good to give a challenge to a beginer or intermedite
Pockets are small holds that you can only put a few fingers into. This makes then decent hand holds but really bad foot holds which can make the rote more difficult.
crimps are super tiny holds that one can only get a small part of their foot on or just the tips of thier fingers. These are the hardest to hold on to becuase they use the most finger strength.