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Matthew Joseph Schudel


About Me
Rock Climbing


I Attend Western Michigan University
Western Bronco
Majoring in Recreation Management
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Minoring in Comunication and Business
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Places I Have Worked
Image result for ymca For the past 5 years I have worked at Mystic Lake YMCA summer camp out of the lansing YMCA. I started out as a counslor and worked my way up to now being the leadership director. I am incharge of writing the courses for the counslor in training program and the leadership in training program for kids 14 to 17. I have also been sertifide in highropes and rockclimbing and am a high ropes facilitator at the camp.
Durring the start of my 2nd year I was a Fall Welcome Ambassador. I lead a group of 20 first year students around campus for one week durring Fall Welcome Week.
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I work at the rec center at Western Michigan. I help set routs and belay students who come when we are open. I also am part of the team so I open early for practice sometimes during the week.