1. palm leaf (lontar) manuscript, Buddhist sutra, E. India, 11th c

Mughal Painting 

1. detail of a Mughal atelier with artists and scribes 
2. detail of a Hamzanama album painting, Akbar period, 16th c 
3. detail of a Hamzanama album painting, Akbar period, 16th c 
4. Ramayana painting, Rama and his brother with monkey army, ca. Akbar period, 1595 
5. Jahangir and courtiers receive a princely visitor, attrib. to Manohar, 1610 
6. Jahangir on the hourglass throne, Bichitr, early 17th c 
7. sketch of the Dying Inayat Khan, Jahangir period, 1618 
8. Zebra, Jahangir period, early 17th c 
9. detail of Shah Jahan portrait, 1635 

West Indian Painting (Gujarat)

1. a king and rishis, 16th c 
2. Poems of spring, 16th c 
3. Month of rains, 16th c 
4. Chaurapanchasika (50 Tales of a Love Thief), 16th c 
5. Jain manuscript, detail of a Kalpa Sutra, 16th c 
6. Jain ms., Kalpa Sutra painting of Mahavira, Gujarat, 16th c 

Rajput Painting

1. Madhu Madhavi Ragini, Malwa, 17th c 
2. Kakubha Ragini, 1680 

Pahari Painting

1. Shiva and Parvati on an elephant skin, Basholi, 17th c 
2. scene from the Ramayana, Sita captured in Ravana's castle, 18th c, Guler 
3. Krishna pining for his lover (Radha), Guler,18th c 
4. Krishna and the gopis, Pahari, 18th c 
5. On the Road to Krishna, Guler, 18th c 
6. Durga battles with Mahisa, 19th c 



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