1. example of voluminous kosode and trousers worn in 12th c (Heian period) 
2. weaving atelier in Kyoto, 18th c 
3. screen painting detail of textile dyeing 
4. screen painting detail of kosode shop in busy commercial neighborhood 
5. paintings from a womenís encyclopedia that depict women from all levels of society 
6. 17th c screen painting detail of samurai women playing shuttlecock 
7. detail of screen painting of brothel district in Kyoto 
8. deail of 17th c handscroll of well-known oiran 
9. Sesshin Fukuo, four actors playing womenís roles in a play 
10. famous male actor depicted in coquettish pose by woodblock print artist 
11. rendering of samurai in a palace setting 
12. interior of Tokugawa palace 
13. screen painting by Korin Ogatat 
14. kosode painted by Korin 
15. painted kosode 
16. kosode screen, commissioned by Nomura 
17. 2 kosode screen 
18. detail of above 
19. 2 kosode screen 
20. 2 kosode screen detail 
21. detail of 17th c screen painting of Edo (city life) 
22. detail of kosode painted with Kyoto city scenery,  which is now part of a kosode screen 
23. modern (Meiji) under-kimono (stencil-dyeing), silk 
24. modern kimono by Tokiemom Fuji (1988), silk 
25. Firemanís jacket with freehand resist ornamentation, cotton, 19th c 
26. Meiji period kimono-shaped bedding with freehand paste resist dyeing, cotton 



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